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Who We Are

The Contemporary Conservatory of Athens was founded in 1986, with the aim of offering high quality music education to both children and adults.

In its 30 years of operation, it is considered one of the most prestigious music educational institutions in our country, a conservatory with modern orientations and educational systems, a school with a high level of studies, in which all departments operate.

It has collaborated with great educational institutions such as the famous Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Luisianna State University (L.S.U) in America, Gazi University in Ankara (Turkey), in concerts, seminars and lectures, as well as with organizations such as the Athens Concert Hall in its educational programs, where our Conservatory’s students have participated.

Most of our graduates accompany musical organizations in our country, such as the Lyric Orchestra, State Orchestra, Orchestra of Colours, ERT Orchestra, etc., as well as abroad.

Furthermore, the Athens Contemporary Conservatory seeks not only to educate its students, but also to make the best possible cultural contribution to the social environment outside its doors, by providing seminars, artistic events, music competitions, concerts of students and teachers, often with the collaboration of well-known soloists from outside the Conservatory.

With appreciation
Dimitris Makropodis
Director – Founder of the Contemporary Conservatory of Athens

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    MySync contemporary conservatoire of Athens is one of the most valuable musical educational institutions in Greece, a conservatoire with modern orientation and educational systems, a school that provides high level of studies, in all departments and schools that operates.

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