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School of Jazz

School of Jazz


Makropodis Dimitris

Head of Studies

Georgiadou Dionysia

Professors of the Department

Lykothanasis Alexandros – Piano

Vassilis Lagos – Electric guitar

Voutsinas Giannis – Electric bass

Goulas Apostolos – Drums

Ganiaris Socrates – Drums

Krassa Aikaterini – Vocals

Department of Vocational Studies

The Professional Studies Department of the Synchronous Conservatory of Athens offers the student the opportunity to acquire a high level of musical proficiency and technical training on the instrument of his/her choice, acoustic perception and comprehensive knowledge of the basic theory and harmony of music, as well as rich musical experience through the ensembles in which he/she participates.


Instrument of choice ( individual lesson 45′ / week )
Theory / Solfege / Harmony ( group lesson 60′ / week )
Music ensemble ( group lesson 60′ / week )

Prerequisites for participation in the professional course:

Attendance is compulsory in all 3 courses.
Participants in the music ensembles must already be students of the Conservatory in the respective instrument.

Course structure:

INSTRUMENT CHOICE: 4 levels with promotional exams per year.
Theoretical: 4 levels with promotional examinations per year.
MUSIC COMPOSITION: 4 levels with two concerts/performances per year.
Duration of Studies:

The duration of study in the professional course is 4 years. A certificate of study is awarded at the end of the programme.

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