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Byzantine Music

Byzantine Music​

The course includes 10 levels

Course duration: 60′
Duration of study: 5 years
The following general courses are required to obtain a degree:

Theory of European Music, Solfege, Metrics, History of Church Music

Formalism, Hymnology, Liturgy, Liturgy, Recitation of readings.

Many have said that it is a music that did not evolve as the music of the West evolved, but, many were the composers of the West who were enchanted and perhaps inspired and took elements from the music of the East – the only early music that was recorded on parchment and survives to this day, that is, ancient Greek music.

Today, the term Byzantine Church Music (B.E.M.) refers to the music heard in Orthodox churches. In the Byzantine music section we focus on the ecumenical dimension of this music.

The study of Byzantine music is 5 years. The course is taught either on an individual level or in a small group and lasts 60 minutes per week. In the course, the student in the first year is introduced to and learns the system of music notation. He or she practices quickly and correctly with appropriate vocal exercises so that in a fairly short time he or she can sing short and simple hymns from the repertoire of the Ecclesiastical Orthodox Hymnology.

In the second year, the study of the resurrection and the knowledge of the main sounds continues, together with the teaching of music theory.

In the following years, the student is introduced to the deeper aspects of this music, such as automelas, prosodic slow, cherubic, slow praise, slow idioms, praise, choruses to well-voiced parts, all on “classical” lessons – books – manuals.

He is introduced to the orthography of music, the basic principles of formality, the history of Byzantine music, the correct use of liturgical books as well as the teaching of the emphatic recitation – i.e. reccitativo – of Eastern music.

The aim is not just for the student to get another Degree or Diploma, but the correct and correct process of learning and musical information, with respect, empathy and debt to the younger generation and to the continuation – dissemination of the traditional music of the Greeks.

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