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Mousis Ioannis – Byzantine Music

Moussis John was born in Athens. From a young age he got involved in the art of sound and he studied music. He is a connoisseur of Byzantine Music, holding the Diploma of Byzantine Music from the Aigaleo Conservatory with professor Spyros Voutsinas, and the Diploma of Music Teacher from the Athens Conservatory with professor the head chanter Mr. Apostolos Papadopoulos. He was a member of the Byzantine choir of the Metropolitan Church of Athens.

Today he is a head chanter of the Archdiocese of Athens and teaches Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music. He also holds Degrees in Song, Special Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue. He continues his study in composition under the supervision of the professor, director of the “Synchrono” Conservatory of Athens and composer Dimitris Makropodis. As a music teacher he has taught in primary schools and conservatories.

He has published CDs and has participated in numerous music productions either as a producer or as a music member.

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