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Studies in Modern Music

Musical ensembles

Musical Ensembles

The musical ensembles are open to all students of the conservatory. The course lasts 1 hour per week and is conducted by the teacher in fully equipped studios.

Participation in the ensembles is by audition after the second level of study, so that students are of the same level, with common preferences of jazz, rock, funk or Greek repertoire.

Purpose and mode of operation

In the ensemble course, students are required to perform specific repertoire with requirements commensurate with their level of study. The ability to adapt to a single pulse and rhythmic environment is developed by alternating the roles of improviser and accompanist, always aiming to create an aesthetic result on an overall and individual level. Covering different styles provides musical experience with an emphasis on the expressiveness of musical interpretation and the ability of each musician to adapt to the demands of the repertoire.
This course is an extension of the special course where topics such as harmony, melody, rhythm, form, interpretation, improvisation and accompaniment come together on a collective level. Students are able to take initiative, discuss their ideas and be influenced by the ideas of others, while gradually learning how to function professionally within a musical ensemble.

The musical ensemble is a collective effort. In order to achieve the best possible result, it is important to have a clear picture of how it works from the beginning:

The course lasts 60 minutes and is weekly. Twice a year there are presentations of the ensembles.

The students must be present and at the appointed time for each lesson and must have studied the musical part given to them. In case of a student’s absence, the student must inform the ensemble teacher in time (2 days in advance) so that a substitute can be found.
In case of absence of a teacher due to concerts or other reasons, the teacher will arrange for another qualified colleague to replace him/her.
The purpose of the course is not only the performance of a particular repertoire. The teaching professor may at the same time create exercises which aim to improve specific points of a piece, if necessary.
As a collaborative course, the teacher focuses primarily on the big picture. The music ensemble is not a substitute for the specific lesson. If a student has a technical difficulty in relation to the part he or she is playing, individual general instructions are given that can be discussed later with the special lesson teacher.

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