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Studies in Classical Music

Brass instruments

Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium

Brass instruments

Students study works from the classical period to the present day, develop their skills and shape their personal artistic identity.

Students’ progress is monitored every 2 months through music meetings, and twice a year students have the opportunity to present their work in concerts at the conservatory.

Attendance at the Brass School takes place at 4 levels (Preliminary, Lower – 40 minutes/week, Intermediate – 60 minutes/week, Upper – 80 minutes/week). Preliminary lasts 2 years, Lower and Intermediate 3 years and Advanced 3-4 years.

The student is required to attend the following general courses in parallel: Theory (3 years), Solfege (5 years), Harmony (3 years), Chamber Music (2 years), Music History (2 years), Choir (2 years), Prima-vista, Morphology (1 year), Practical Teaching (2 years), Orchestra or small instrumental ensembles, Group wind exercises, Transportation.

Upon completion of the studies, the student takes part in a final examination for the Diploma or Diploma. Upon successful completion of these examinations, the student receives a Diploma or Diploma recognized by the State.


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