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Circle of music creation and composition

Circle of music creation and composition

For the third consecutive year, the formation of the cycle of music creation and composition for adults, within the framework of the Contemporary Conservatory of Athens, is announced. Creators with a simple theoretical interest in the subject, or with an interest in composing their first piece, songwriters, composers with a special interest in contemporary classical music, are all invited to register. During the first two cycles a core of composers emerged, who composed new pieces, analysed works from the classical repertoire up to works written today and discussed, among other things, issues of orchestration, morphology, aesthetics and history of musical art. Above all, they developed their creative process and their personal musical tools in the context of an ensemble that was in constant open dialogue, which is the main objective of the music creation and composition cycle. This year’s cycle will be conducted in person, with an emphasis on improvisation and practical application, and online, with an emphasis on theory and analysis. Meetings will be held for 2 hours each week. A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.

Duration of the course: 10/2022 – 05/2023.



The cycle of musical creation and composition is an open process, the structure of which
is adapted to the needs of the participants, with the active participation in the
discussions, analysis of their works and continuous compositional activity. Key
The main objective is the cultivation of instinct and personal aesthetics, irrespective of
specific musical styles and existing musical forms.
The discussion may also extend to the application of the art of music in fields such as
theatre, dance, or in any other direction of interest to composers.
Emphasis will be placed on so-called performance practice.
collaboration with instrumentalists in order to practice the logic of
rehearsal, functional scoring and general interaction with the musician.
performer. It will also encourage the presentation of a final result, which can be
recorded/videoed, within the context of the school, throughout the year.
Particularly for composers interested in contemporary classical music, they will be able to
work on their compositions in the light of contemporary techniques, such as extended
techniques, non-classical musical forms, will practice free improvisation, and will be able to explore new compositions in the context of extended techniques, non-classical musical forms, and will
analyze classical music and scores of the 20th and 21st century.
Part of the process of all sections will include visits and open discussions with
active composers and instrumentalists, in order for the participants to gain a broader understanding of the music.
perspective of their subject matter.
All in all, the study will provide the participants with the skills, whether they simply want to acquire
new compositional tools, or to engage with music in relation to other art forms,
or they want to prepare for a music school abroad.
It is possible that the courses may not be continuous, but may also be attended under
It is not possible for the courses to be attended on a visit/limited time basis. It is also possible to attend online
online courses.
Depending on the number of applicants, their background and the direction they wish to
the level of the course, one or more courses can be formed at the appropriate level and

Interested parties are invited to register by sending an e-mail to, notified to with the subject “Participation in the music creation and composition circle”. A cover letter (in the same e-mail) is requested, stating their motivation for participation, whether they play an instrument, age and anything else they feel appropriate to mention. They are also requested to attach anything that gives a representative picture of their musical activity. For further information on how to work, please e-mail
The participation fee per 8-month cycle (October-May) is 480 euros, which can be
payable in 3 instalments of 160 euros:
1st instalment: upon registration
2nd instalment: December
3rd instalment: February

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