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Tango Lab

In this workshop we will play tango based on the different styles of the main representatives of the orquesta típica de tango tradition (e.g. Anibal Troilo, Francisco Canaro, Osvaldo Pugliese). We will also look at more modern tango movements and their different aesthetics (e.g. Astor Piazzolla).

The instrumental tradition of tango has a very interesting and broad context. The basic instruments of the orquesta típica are usually: bandoneon (3-4), violin (3-4), piano, double bass. Often there was an addition of viola or cello, acoustic or electric guitar or a wind instrument. In more modern versions all possible combinations of instruments are tried.

An attempt will be made to have presentations of the ensemble at milongas in order to connect with the live tango dance community and possibly reimburse part of the tuition fees to the participants through a fee.

The workshop is open to all instruments and levels. Depending on the number of people interested, instrument combinations and level of participants, different groups-groups may be formed. Maximum number of participants per group: 10.

Coordination/arrangement supervision: Zigeridis Konstantinos ( Bandoneon )

Participation in the coordination and supervision of the orchestrations: Kotepanos Theodoros – piano

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