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Pre-school education

Junior Music-al

Music education with touches of Musical

Junior Music-al

The musical objectives of this course are:

to acquire knowledge of music theory experientially and through games – activities,
to strengthen active listening, using psychomotor tools in the context of
to learn songs with specific musical characteristics,
to get in touch with the reading of a form of musical score (graphic – chromatic
score), then proceeding to the introduction of a musical score
learn orchestral instruments and categories of musical instruments,
introduce acoustic education and strengthen musical memory,
to provide piano training,
o through colour score we will learn from the beginning of the year a repertoire
of simple and short children’s songs, some of which we will learn how to play.
play them together (two children), trying to listen to our neighbour at the same time,
creating chamber music conditions.

At the same time we will use theatre games, role-playing games, while developing our imagination by creating characters and stories.

Ages: 4 – 6 years old
Lesson duration: 1 hour


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