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Pre-school education



The program “the ukulele” is designed specifically for
children from 4 years old, in order to introduce them in a beautiful and natural way to the
world of music and learning a musical instrument. The ukulele
is a stringed instrument in the shape of a small guitar with 4 strings, with
originating from Portugal and Hawaii.
During the project, children have the opportunity to
have fun, socialize and reach their maximum potential without pressure
of their musical potential.
The “ukulele” experience music through movement, socialization, socialization and the ability to reach their full potential.
singing, free expression, with the ukulele motivating them and
inspiring them. Images, colours, stories and games bring to life the
musical elements (rhythm, melody, dynamics, character, form, style),
developing their imagination, sense of rhythm and listening,
their awareness of their body.

Course duration: 45′.

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