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Pre-school education

Young Guitarists

Young Guitarists

The young guitarists acquire their first musical skills through the COLOURSTRINGS method of music education.

Encouraging children to love music, the teaching is based on the activation of all the senses, so that learning is interesting, enjoyable and the knowledge is thoroughly understood.

Rich colours thanks to their inseparable relationship with sounds, as well as symbol images, dominate the teaching material. In this way, children learn to play the guitar, as access to musical reading is very easy and at the same time fun.

Singing, dancing, playing and interaction are integral parts of the method contributing to the development of complete musical personalities.

Age: 5-7 years old

Group lessons (2-4 children)
Duration : 50′

Individual lesson
Duration: 30΄ (for children 5 years old)
Duration: 40΄ (for children 6 years old and above)

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