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Our philosophy

The power of information has been the driving force for the evolution of humanity and of course music and all musical movements throughout the centuries could not be exempt from its sweeping influence. Mozart would not have been the Mozart we know , a child prodigy if he had not had the information from his father Leopold Mozart who was a great musician.

Bach’s sons would not have been known and especially Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach who went on to another era (classicism).
I wonder if Beethoven would be the one we know if he didn’t have his grandfather who was the most famous conductor of his time and his father?

In today’s age, where the information storm often borders on the excessive, we are very often confronted with the phenomena of youngsters, ignorant of the risks, competing cognitively and communicatively with people who have real knowledge and experience. Of course, music education worldwide could not be excluded from this fact. Access to musical knowledge seems easier than before, but things are not exactly as they seem….

If we could talk about domestic music education, Conservatories are operating with Curricula of Studies reported in a 1957 Government newspaper. In today’s context, where the musical reality is changing rapidly every day, we all understand that this curriculum requires modernization and substantial changes. On the other hand, people often turn to private catechesis (private lessons), believing that this will give them a qualitative and temporal advantage over those who complete the compulsory course of study at the Conservatory. The lure is great, of course, when various professors propose to students to bypass a course of study in order to gain years, placing them flexibly in large classes without having the necessary qualifications, e.g. 5 years of solfege, 3 harmony, 2 history of music, 1 morphology, 2-3 years of chamber music, etc. The result is usually n we face the phenomenon of substantial cognitive deficits and then need twice as much time to fill those gaps.

The Contemporary Conservatory of Athens operates with teams of teachers who have knowledge, artistic and teaching backgrounds and can, in the new age of hyper-information, lay the essential “pillar of knowledge” for future artists (of any age) for their future. In our Conservatory there is also the possibility for students to come into contact with and use other international study programmes such as ABRSM for classical studies and Rock School for modern, according to which not only the student but also the teacher is evaluated by prestigious university professors sent by these institutions.

We are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow!!! We are waiting for you to join us!!!

Yours sincerely
Dimitris Makropodis
Director – Founder of the Contemporary Conservatory of Athens

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