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Children - Youth Choir

The role of a children’s – youth choir is not only entertaining, but also educational, pedagogical and social. The pedagogical benefits of a child’s involvement in a choir are manifold. The main objective is to cultivate the child’s voice and soul. Beyond this, however, the child’s knowledge is broadened, as he or she comes into contact with musical genres of different eras and styles, while at the same time collective spirit is developed and a spirit of teamwork and solidarity among the choirs is cultivated.

Engaging with music and specifically with choral singing is a complex process, as singing consists of three elements: rhythm, speech and melody, which mobilise the body, reason and emotion respectively.

The lessons include:

Physical exercises, which involve the physical preparation of choristers for singing and refer to relaxing the body and ensuring proper posture.

Technical exercises, which include:
– exercises to learn and control the breathing technique
– exercises to learn how to learn and master the breathing techniques and to master the control of the breathing process.

Vocal exercises, aimed at:
– expanding the range and volume of the voice
– the creation of homogeneity of the voice

– introduction to choral works of different periods and styles

Participation in events
Children’s Choir – Youth Choir

Choir director:
Laura Petropoulou
M. Ed., M. Mus., Music Teacher
Composer, Choir Director

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